We are surrounded by technology and gadgets which permit us to use for daily purposes. However, many people still have challenges in making constructive use of these technologies. By taking this webinar, you will understand the purpose of your gadgets and the essence of technology. You will also understand how to use new platforms for business and improve your financial abundance. Register now.

Course Timeline:
Here, you will learn what the Internet is all about and what makes it the man's most brilliant invention. Understanding the Internet will help you know how to make better use of it.
Phones are mini-computers, albeit most users need them just for calls, SMS, social media, games, clock and calculator. Here, you will learn how to use your phone fully for what you need it and make your daily life easier.
Smart devices are powerful and essential for daily tasks but cannot replace computers. Here you will find out why and how to use your computers as an online entrepreneur.
Most people are in the dark about what they need to start their own blog, e-commerce website or website. Here you will learn about the kinds of websites and apps, and everything you need to create a website.
Your app is up and running but it won't sell itself. Here, you will learn how to come up with a marketing strategy for your app or website.
You're all set! Share your experiences with others and grow your network!

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