The world of Internet connectivity reveals numerous possibilities for anyone and everyone. However, to make use of these opportunities, we have to know how to use the devices that permit us to connect to the Internet. The computer is the most reliable and versatile of all these devices. Knowing how to use your phone to connect to the Internet is not sufficient to use the Internet fully. This course is a crash course for anyone looking to catch up or start learning about computers and how they can use them to exploit fully the potential that resides in being online. Learn all you need to know about computers, starting from the very beginning. Don't feel left out. Start today!

Course Timeline:
The Basic Computer Literacy course is a 6 to 8 hour course. You will learn basic information about computers, and vocabulary about computer hardware and software. You will also learn how you can put information in computers (input) and get information out of computers(output). You will also earn about file management and why it is important.
Test your knowledge...
Here, you will learn about the parts that make up a computer. They are generally divided into hardware and software.
Test your knowledge....
You will learn about the keyboard and the mouse and how to use them. First of all, we need to turn on our computers!
Test your knowledge...
You will learn how to create a folder, name it, copy files and folders and much more.

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