The SOMPON BUSINESS MASTERCLASS is a 1-week intensive professional business crash course designed to empower and train young people (entrepreneurs, leaders, startup owners, ) with apt business, entrepreneurial and networking ability that will advance Africa’s growth and development and solve its social challenges. - Provide solid business and entrepreneurial training from well experienced coaches - Put the trainees in a network of other changemakers to facilitate their growth - Connect trainees to coaches who have made major breakthroughs in business The SOMPON STARTUP FONDS is an initiative designed to financially support the masterclass trainees with business capital for their ideas. - Outsource capital to the ideas of at least 5 trainees a year - Create a large network of companies, organisations, institutions and individuals that will facilitate the outsourcing of business capital through their partnership or sponsorship. The program starts from the 17th - 22nd of August 2020, from 10.00AM- 5:00PM ( German Time) These are the 10 most important reasons why you should take part in this program: You will discover your true business Talent and make more profits. You will receive tools to startup your own sustainable business with the development of Africa in mind. You will receive sustainable business concepts that will make you add more value to people lives and hence, make more money. You will understand how your Emotions determined your money blueprint You will receive tools to overcome any business challenges You will understand how to pitch up your projects and win the heart of an investor or sponsor. You will create better Networks that will give you more better opportunities You will have accountability systems created to help you finally succeed in your business You will understand the techniques of marketing and sales to enhance your business You will be able to startup your own business. Reserve your space!

Course Timeline:
In this module you will understand What  purposeful Networking is Why networking  is so important for business How networking can become purposeful and conscious Why networking fails and leads to discouragement How we can improve our networking skills When  networking is necessary  Who to purposefully network with?
Dr. -Ing. Alexander Boakye Marful is a business owner and Entrepreneur. he is also a Lecturer at the university of Science and Technology in Kumasi-Ghana. 17th August 2020 In this Module you will understand:   The meaning of “Prosumers” How the “Prosumers” concept works          The experiences of the “Prosumer”        Case Study /Group Work          The advantages and opportunities in the “Prosumers” Concept          The 8 steps to catalyse customers to prosumers How to maintain the prosumers        20 Trends with potential seeds
Coach Iseone Lawel is Marketing and Sales Expert ● @bizwithice - Facebook ● @bizwithice- Instagram In this Module I will be taking you on five steps to bring your ideas to actualisation What Kind of Idea is it? What do you wantto achieve with the idea What do you need to start? Time, money & skills It is time to design your Idea Make money from your Idea   Target Audience This module is for everyone who has a head and hand, who thinks and feel they can be more, they can generate money from their ideas and who want to start a business .
Coach Dr Beatrice Lukose (The Queen of Communication) is Author, transformational speaker Email: In this Module you will understand: 1)Emotional Intelligence and Money What is a money mindset? Why is Money Mindset important? What is the comparison between the rich and poverty mentality? How to break the poverty mentality. Practical sessions included. 2) The 4Cs of a Successful Online Business and set up systems to give you the financial freedom you need Character: How to cure the business failure disease Customer: How to discover who to focus on in a Business Crafting the offer: The online business equation that guarantees success Communication: How to communicate your offer to the client; selling using the social media Practical sessions included 3) Proven systems work for you while you enjoy a life you are happy of. 4) A Certificate of Achievement provided at the end of the course.
Coach Irene M. Ntuison is Startup consultant, impact entrepreneur, business coach and mentor. CEO of Afrifarms and chairperson of Afrifarms Group. Course objectives 1.Foster Entrepreneurial Mindset!       Develop framework of analysis for entrepreneurial startups. Understand how to create and start a business venture Understand how to finance the new Venture 2. Understanding the Venture Capital process 3. Business Model Canvas   Course Outline Differences between entrepreneur and business person 3 Key constituencies of entrepreneurship 3 Key profiles of entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs Vs Manager Vs Intrapreneur Startup Funds & Startup Development Phases Sources Capital, Venture Capital & Venture Capital Model Crowdfunding Business Model Canvas
Coach Tola Onigbanjo Aka Wise Tola, is a multiple Business Owner and Transformer In this module you will understand:        How to make it memorable Using the Art of Storytelling The Humour element When to add the "Wow' factor The use of data and images Make sure its Emotive Connect your speech to the centre cause - FOCUS   The Power and Importance of Networking Why Network? Choosing the right events to attend How to work a room Perfect your Audio card
Coach chef Carol Mühlenbrock is a business owner In this module you will understand how to hold on to the end, the techniques of overcoming every business challenges and staying strong in business despite no matter what! Know how to find a coach or Mentor and Understand why a Mentor/ Coach is important for your self growth
Coach peter Akawung is CEO of Cosmos Educational Press and Business Enthusiast. Founder of ESEFOODS a food processing, packaging and distribution company specializing on african ethnic foods. IG @petereselecha In this Module you would learn how to transform your ideas or products into potential Sales How to use branding to create a business that is sustainable over time How to use social media to understand your clients and push for product awareness and sales
We are having some Bonus reserve! join the Sompon business masterclass 2020 and get out transform!

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  • By: Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz
    1 year ago

    Extraordinary lessons from extraordinary mentors.I can not wait for day three.

    1 year ago

    Learning a lot from this programme. It's definitely a win for me.

  • By: Wawoh Denis kanueh
    1 year ago

    I was blind but now my eyes are wild open. I had visions and ideas that just remained as dreams, today I am a consistent and risk bearer entrepreneur. I have got all I need thanks to you mummy Vera and your amazing and God sent crew. My God Almighty blessed you all.

  • By: Ruth Wahl
    1 year ago

    This is what I can call a well spend and precious hours of listening to the Experts or rather real Entrepreneurs who have really put their hands in the mud as Vera always says. Now I am convinced and totally believe you Vera. As much as I have gathered all important ideas to put them into practice I am also confused because they are so, so inspiring and don't know where and with which one to start....But I have a clue. Someone said he opens his eyes...You are not the only one!

  • By: Stella Nkechi Nwadibia
    1 year ago

    The coaches were all very knowledgeable, they shared wealth of information and their expertise, they were also patience to answer and explained questions asked. The interactive and feedback session after each class was impactful and excellent. The business masterclass covered all aspects of business, i would definitely recommend the course to my friends. Thank you very much my mentor, Vera Sompson for this informative, educative and insightful business class.